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Built-in 100% fraud protection means you're never responsible for unauthorized charges made with your card.2

Save money on gas EVERYDAY with the Murphy USA Visa Card!¹

5 cents off per gallon

off per gallon through April 30, 2017!¹
at any Murphy USA or Murphy Express location.

  • 4¢ off EVERYDAY
  • PLUS, get an additional 1¢ off through April 30, 2017
    (Up to $400 in total gas discounts for each period of 12 billing cycles)
Earn 1 point(1) for each $1.00 of Qualifying Net Purchases

per $1 of Qualifying Net Purchases.¹
(Excludes gas and Murphy Store purchases)

  • Plus, you have 5 years to use your points before they expire!

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